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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

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Rajabhuvara* who was greatly displeased with this
advice, said, k>; While I have attained the stutiis of the great
Narapati kiug, aud uia honoured with the title of aprati-
parakruma' (unequalled in prowess), what is their greatness
(whe-;i compared to mine)? They had been ray dependents,
and vrere riding the lands which I granted to tliein. Is not my
prestige lowered, if I attempt to negotiate the terms of peace
(with them) ? Even if i desire to iiglit with them continuously,
until I secure victory, 1 do not lack the means. Therefore,
I have made up my mind to fight with the enemy."
His (Rajablmvara's) mother, on hearing this, was greatly
delighted, and catching hold of his hand, she blessed him much,
wished that he should win victory. Then, having seated him
upon a throne, she showered on him gold like a rain of
flowers, and blessing him again said, " May the enemy be
vanquished! " Then she offered prayers to the gods, and gave
her consent (in these terms) " Return home a victor."
Rajabhuvara then entered the Sangata Mahal where he
rested awhile on a couch and slept. While he was asleep
at night, he dreamt that (some unknown persons) forcibly
removed the pearls from his ear-rings. He woke tip, and having
stretched his body, invoked Hari (Visnu), and as his mind was
greatly perturbed, he became a prey to acute distress. Next
morning, he summoned Brahmans who were well versed in all
the Vedas and the Sastras, and described to them his dream,
The Brahmans said : " (the effect of) the dream is destroyed;
the gods have shown their favour ;* be tranquil"; and blessed
him much. But the king who was not satisfied (with this
assurance) said, " I never dreamed such an evil dream. I
never incurred the displeasure of Q-od. Ruin has overtaken
(my) prosperity; the goddess of wealth, and (my) family
deities are angry with me. What is the use of my efforts, after
I have lost the grace of the gods ? Well, (this is) the result of the
debt contracted in the former birth; bat courage must not be